Bim Course:

Train yourself to model
Revit Families

From starting out, to having experience, you can develop your skills to create better revit families.

Bim Courses to help you learn the latest tips and tricks on developing families

The Basics
For beginners

Are you just getting into Revit family modeling? This is where you can start, and get the basic concepts to build-up your skills.

Discover how to use reference lines, build parametric geometry, and manage information through the family editor.

Level up!
For professionals

Your modeling is solid, but you want to configure different family types, and make your objects information rich.

Implement conditional formulae, shared parameters, and develop balanced families.

Going the distance
For Jedi

A true veteran. Now its not about a family, its about a whole BIM library.

Manage shared parameters, standardize your data, review best practices, and optimize each family for low filesize and maximum productiviy.

An ever-expanding
source of information.

Navigate the modeling landscape with each new topic. The library of topics grows with each video-tutorial that is added; that way there is always new content to learn from.

Can’t find what you need?

With each membership you can request new topics that cater specifically to your needs. We can also provide custom solutions through our consulting service.

Modelado BIM

BIM Modeling

BIM modeling has become an essential tool for the design, planning and construction of high-quality and more energy-efficient buildings. Through BIM modeling, learned in an online BIM course, a detailed virtual model of a building can be created, which includes geometric information and data about its structure, mechanical, electrical, plumbing, home automation, and construction.

BIM Architecture course

BIM modeling is an essential tool for architectural professionals seeking to create high-quality, energy-efficient, and sustainable buildings.

Our modules help Drafters, Architects, and Engineers to better model their BIM projects by mastering BIM objects and their data.

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