BIM Object Development Standard: A quick guide through 4 standards

Explore the pivotal role of BIM object standards across the construction industry with our presentation of four leading BIM standards: OBOS, NBS, GDO-BIM, and eCOB. Understand how standardization enhances interoperability, accuracy, and collaboration, ensuring efficient project management and regulatory compliance.

BIM GYM Coach: AI help for an effective BIM journey

Train in BIM with the BIM GYM Coach, an AI-driven assistant to help in BIM project management, architecture, engineering, and construction professionals. Tailored to provide advice and solutions, the Coach excels in intelligent query processing and problem-solving. While it’s a powerful tool for technical guidance, users must engage with it responsibly, and learn to optimize their interaction with the Coach, highlighting its capabilities and responsible usage for an effective BIM journey.

Revit Family Modeling: 3 common mistakes

We delve into three prevalent mistakes frequently encountered during the process of modeling Revit families. These errors, made by well-intentioned creators, can impede the efficient use of Revit families and, in some cases, lead to complications in BIM projects.

Choosing the best Revit version for your budget

Autodesk Revit is a powerful Building Information Modeling (BIM) software that has become the standard tool for Architects, Engineers, and Construction professionals worldwide. Its extensive capabilities allow users to create accurate, detailed, and efficient projects. Autodesk Revit is an essential tool for professionals who work on projects involving complex building designs, including those in the […]

Types of Revit® parameters and recommendations

In addition to creating Revit families and advancing your Revit project, sooner or later you’ll require to expand your data schema and will be forced to make decisions on how to add new parameters to your project and families. In Revit, there are different types of parameters, all of which serve different purposes. In this […]

Autodesk® Revit’s basic formulae

The following are the commonly used formulas that we have been using for several years. Here we include the basic functions that allow us to develop simple and complex formulas. Basic operations Functions The following characters tell Revit what to do between 2 values. Command in Revit + – * / = < > ^ […]

Shortcut Keys for Revit

Autodesk® Revit is a complex software program with many tools to use. Every professional, as time goes by, becomes more skilled in working with the software. One way to speed up work is to use direct command shortcuts to activate tools or perform certain actions within the software. Using direct commands facilitates any work in […]