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Revit families are a crucial part of the Revit design process. These families contain the 3D models of various building components such as furniture, lighting fixtures, and plumbing fixtures, to name a few. Generic content refers to families that are not linked directly to real products, while manufacturer-specific content is usually modeled after real product specifications.

It is essential to choose the right kind of content for your project to ensure that it is accurate and fits the desired definition. Understanding the difference between generic and manufacturer-specific content is a vital aspect of any 3D BIM modeling process.

The right kind of content can help improve the accuracy, speed, and efficiency of your project, and it is essential to choose it wisely. With so many websites available for downloading Revit families, it can be overwhelming to decide which one to use.

In this blog, we will explore the top websites for downloading these families and give further insight on the type of content you can download as well as language and if you can find generic or manufacturer-specific families

Are you tired of searching for the perfect Revit family for your project? Look no further! We have compiled a list of the top websites for downloading Revit families that will ease your search.

Top Websites for Downloading Revit Families

This list is nor hierarchical

Name Type Scope Language Comments
bim object Manufacturer-Specific International Multilanguage The most popular BIM content site to find manufacturer-specific products.
Bimetica Manufacturer-Specific International Multilanguage A large selection of manufacturer products and generic elements to design and specify projects. A large selection of families in Spanish.
MEP content Manufacturer-Specific International Multilanguage A large selection for manufacturer products for MEP components.
BIM&Co Manufacturer-Specific International Multilanguage A large BIM library with a wide array of manufacturers. It can even be used by offices to upload and manage content.
Skeinforce Manufacturer-Specific International Multilanguage A good library of manufactuer-specific BIM objects, and other tools to specify and design.
BIMsmith Manufacturer-Specific International Multilanguage A large plafrorm where you can find many formats of manufactuer-specific BIM objects, and other tools to specify your projects.
BIM Catalogs Manufacturer-Specific International Multilanguage Quite an extensive library but only for mechanical components.
Polantis Manufacturer-Specific International Multilanguage Once a standalone BIM catalogue, it is now an extension of bimobject. It still has a large library.
Bimstore Manufacturer-Specific International Multilanguage With its latest iteration of the website, you can see the shocased aplications of the products, and still find a large library of BIM objects.
CADdetails Manufacturer-Specific Local (USA, Canada) English A wide-range library for finding manufacturer products to design and specify your projects.
Revitcity Generic Local English The first of its kind. Once a thriving community with many files to download and comment on. Quality varies widely. Not recommended for professional use.
Measured Survey PRO Generic International English Revit families are from older versions (2009) and most of them are 3D imports with no data with low information, in filesize and can be good starting points.
BIM Bits Manufacturer-Specific Local (Australia) English A decent library for designing and specifying your projects.
National BIM Library Source Manufacturer-Specific Local (UK) English The default BIM object repository for specifying products in the UK.
Library Revit Generic Local English Revit families are from older versions (2009), they are low in filesize and data. Might be a good starting point for families.
Concora Manufacturer-Specific Local (USA) English A medium-sized library to download revit families. It also hosts designed spaces to download.
Modlar Manufacturer-Specific Local (USA) English A large library of of manufactuer-specific BIM objects, and other features such as photo collections and a podcast.
Specifiedby Manufacturer-Specific Local (UK) English A good library to download BIM objects as well as browsing CPDs and Regulations.
Arcat Manufacturer-Specific Local (USA) English An extensive library for manufacturer specific BIM objects.
Parametric components Generic International English A good library for architectural Revit families, specially for furniture. The level of information included is low. Might be a good starting point for families.
Familias Revit Gratis Generic International Spanish A library of generic revit families to help you out with your modeling. Models have a decent file size, but are not parametric nor contain data.
Bimtool Manufacturer-Specific Local (Chile) Spanish A medium-sized library with families in Spanish.
Bimbr Generic Local (Brazil) Brazilian A limited revit family library from the Brazilian of Industrial Development

Choosing Generic of Manufacturer-Specific content?

When it comes to choosing between generic or manufacturer-specific Revit families, it ultimately depends on the needs of your project. In general, if your project is in the early design stage, you may prefer to use generic families that do not require specific real-world product data. This can allow for more flexibility and ease of use in creating mock-ups and testing different design concepts.

However, if your project is further along in the design process and you need to specify the exact products that will be used, then it may be necessary to use manufacturer-specific families. Manufacturer-specific families can provide detailed specifications and characteristics of the actual product, which may be important for ensuring accuracy in cost estimates, energy analysis, and for specifying exact materials and finishes that will be used in the project.

It’s important to note that using manufacturer-specific families may also allow for easier coordination with contractors and suppliers. They can use these families to ensure that the selected products are compatible with the overall design and meet the required specifications. Ultimately, the decision of using generic or manufacturer-specific families should be based on the specific requirements and goals of the project.

BIM content websites or Manufacturer websites?

Now, before downloading Revit families, there are different options available, including BIM content websites or manufacturer websites. Nowadays, most product manufacturers have their families and BIM content hosted on one of the websites mentioned earlier in the list.

However, if you already have a specific manufacturer in mind, it’s always recommended to check their webpage to see if the BIM files are available on their website or on which portals you can download their Revit files. This is especially true if you are looking for manufacturer-specific elements that may not be available on the broader BIM content websites.

By visiting the manufacturer’s website directly, you may be able to find the exact families you need for your project, and ensure that they meet any specific requirements or specifications that you may have.

Download files or use plug-ins?

In addition to downloading Revit families from BIM content websites or manufacturer websites, another option is to use plugins that allow for family download and management directly within the Revit software. Many of the BIM hosting sites already have their own Revit plugin that can be used for this purpose, and there are even separate plugins available that can help you manage your own Revit-family libraries as well.

While plugins can be quite useful, it’s important to be mindful of the potential downsides. The more plugins you add to your Revit software version, the more cluttered and slow it can become. It’s important to assess which plugins are the most useful to you and only install a few of them to avoid overloading your system.

In general, Plugins can help streamline workflows and make it easier to manage and download families. However, it’s important to carefully evaluate them to ensure they don’t have adverse effects on your Revit software performance or compatibility with other software components that you may use in your project.

Downloaded Revit families not living up to your expectations?

If you’ve downloaded a Revit family, whether generic or manufacturer-specific, and it’s not living up to your expectations, it may be that the family is either difficult to place or use, or it has too much or too little information or parameters. In any of these cases, it can be helpful to contact the manufacturer or the developer of the file to provide feedback and request assistance.

It’s in everyone’s best interest to ensure that the Revit families are easy to use and contain the necessary data to be specified by professionals. Although it can be challenging for manufacturers to design a Revit component that suits every design style, contacting them directly and explaining your specific scenario can help in getting an accommodating response, as they may be interested in customizing their components and products to meet the needs of potential clients like you.

Engaging with the manufacturer or developer can also help you better understand how to best use the Revit family and tailor it to your project requirements. By communicating your needs and providing feedback, you can potentially help improve the quality and usefulness of Revit families for everyone involved in the construction industry.


In conclusion, downloading Revit families can offer numerous benefits to professionals and offices in the architectural and construction industries. By accessing a vast library of customizable components, construction professionals can streamline their workflow and enhance the accuracy and efficiency of their design process.

One of the most significant advantages of Revit families is that they can be quickly integrated into the design process, saving time by providing pre-built modules and details. This accessibility not only accelerates the design process but can also help to reduce errors by providing pre-validated, tested components. Revit families also make it possible to standardize work and ensure consistency by providing shared libraries which can be accessed by the entire team.

Another advantage of using Revit families is that they allow you to create more accurate and sophisticated designs. The availability of pre-built BIM objects reduces the need for manual intervention, which can lead to errors. At the same time, by using Revit families such as walls, doors, and windows, you can maintain a consistent look and feel throughout your designs, resulting in a more cohesive design.

Effective download and use of Revit families require proper sourcing and selection of the objects that meet specific project requirements. It’s essential to ensure that families are compatible with one another and conform to industry standards and modeling techniques. This is especially true if you work on large-scale projects with tight deadlines.

Managing large numbers of Revit families can become overwhelming over time, particularly when working on several projects simultaneously. Therefore, it is fundamental to organize and standardize their use. By establishing a consistent naming convention and categorizing items, you can ensure quick and easy retrieval of Revit families when needed.

While Revit families offer many advantages, it is essential to assess each one critically before use. Some Revit objects may contain erroneous information and parameters, resulting in incorrect designs. It is, therefore, fundamental to perform rigorous testing and verification to ensure the content from an external source accurately reflects the project’s requirements.

In summary, Revit families are an excellent resource for professionals in the construction industry who are looking for ways to streamline their workflow and enhance accuracy. With the proper sourcing, use, and organization of Revit families, construction professionals can enjoy enhanced efficiency and accuracy in their designs. By taking the time to evaluate and manage Revit families effectively, construction professionals can create superior designs that are more accurate, consistent, and reliable.

We hope that this list of sites to download Revit families serves you well.

Tell us about your experience with downloaded manufacturer-specific or generic content?

Which BIM content platforms do you trust the most?

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