Why it’s important to know and work with BIM objects


Today, participating in the development of any construction project requires a certain level of Building Information Modeling (BIM) capability; and while many professionals have become adept at working within a BIM environment, few have mastered the building blocks of BIM modeling, the DNA of building data, the geometric components of design: the BIM objects.

Knowledge of editing and proper management of BIM objects can be a key factor of efficient work for architects, engineers, draftsmen and project managers. Here are some key reasons:

Collaboration and communication: BIM objects contain element information that will be linked within the category, or used to create systems that function properly in the building design process. The lack or absence of information can reduce communication and increase the risk of errors. The use of complicated or heavy objects limits collaboration between teams. On the other hand, having information-rich, easy-to-use objects makes for more efficient communication and feedback, while encouraging data exchange between teams.

Increased accuracy: BIM objects can help ensure model specification and accuracy, through their geometry, positioning or data-related parameters. Well-developed BIM objects can greatly improve tdecision-making in the design process as well as specification.

Increased efficiency: BIM objects can be used to automate the creation of construction documents, such as shop drawings and as-built drawings, which can save time and reduce the risk of errors.

Improved project management: BIM objects are used to create detailed and accurate project plan from start to finish. Its proper management allows greater control of design quality and deadlines for key decision making.

Enhanced visualization: BIM objects are used to create realistic 3D visualizations of the project, which can be used to communicate the design and functionality of the building to stakeholders and the public. Knowing how to balance geometric details and spatial arrangements is an important factor in BIM content.

Sustainability Assessment: Environmental performance data can be included in the parameters of BIM objects. . Working as indicators, a project can quickly make calculations that help stakeholders know if the sustainability requirements are being met.

Overall, knowing how to create and manage BIM objects, and BIM object libraries, can provide numerous benefits to professionals and can help to improve the accuracy, efficiency, and effectiveness of their work.

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